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Game And Nature Reserves

Flowers of Crete Nature Reserve– Flowers of Crete encourages interest in Crete’s wild flowers and promotes their conservation.

The Sea Turtle– Caretta-Caretta sea turtle (loggerhead turtle) is the only species of Mediterranean sea-turtles that nests in Crete and Greece.The caretta turtle has a hard shell with 5 scutes on each side and its length extends to 100-120cm. Its weight usually reaches 100-150kg, but sometimes exceeds 450kg and the turtle lifespan is 47-67 years.

The Samariá Gorge is a National Park of Greece since 1962 on the island of Crete – a major tourist attraction of the island – and a World’s Biosphere Reserve. The gorge is in southwest Crete in the regional unit of Chania.

 Georgiadis park is the largest green area – 17 acres in total – within the city of Heraklion, a city unfortunately not that famous for its trees and greenery. However, Georgiadis park has been transformed during the last years into a small urban oasis. The canteen within the park is really popular to local families. Kids can play, run around and bike while parents can enjoy a “green” escape so close to the city centre.

The Venetian harbour of Heraklion is at the end of 25th of August Street, the pedestrian street leading from the town centre to the Koules fortress. This is the old harbour of Heraklion, now used by fishing boats and yachts, and its history is as ancient as that of the city itself. The new, modern passenger and cargo Heraklion port extends east of the old harbour.

The Skotino cave is one of the largest and more impressive caves among the many caves found in Crete. The cave lies high on a hill northwest of the village of Skotino, a few kilometers inland south of Gouves.

Tsoutsouras beach or Tsoutsouros (deriving from the Venetian word Zuzzuro) is located 63km south of Heraklion, at the exit of the imposing Gorge of Mindris. It is built on the site of the ancient city Inatos, which was the port of Priansos (located near Kasteliana village).

Lake Maherida is located at the area of Tersanas in Akrotiri, just 14km east of Chania city, next to the stunning beach of Maherida. It is an impressive karstic doline, where springs with brackish water gush. This small lake is an important wetland hosting water snakes, turtles and migratory birds. Access is very easy, as it is right next to the paved road leading from the Tersanas beach to Maherida.

The Olive tree of Vouves is an olive tree in the village of Ano Vouves in the municipal unit of Kolymvari in Chania regional unit, Crete, Greece. Probably one of the oldest olive trees in the world, it still produces olives today.

Menies or Diktynna is located 45km northwest of Chania, on the northeast shores of Peninsula Rodopos and at the exit of Foundas Gorge. It is a lovely secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters. It is not affected by the usual winds blowing in the area and is ideal for isolation, far away from the urban centers.

The springs of Agia Varvara are located in the city of Drama at an altitude of 100 m. The area, known as the park of Agia Varvara, is a landmark of the city and one of the most important urban tourism assets in the wider region.

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